Our Story

Our Story


In 2000, Christopher Brown and his brother Philip made their first visit to Madurai in South India – the third largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu - and one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. Laurie Green, then Bishop of Bradwell, had independently also visited Madurai.

These visits brought them into close contact with many communities in the vast rural areas surrounding this vibrant city. The three Friends were struck by the huge contrast between the fast growing income levels of the people working in the new technical industries and the unchanging and marginalising poverty of most of the people living and working in the countryside.

Keen to play a part in rebalancing this inequality, they quickly decided that the most effective way to give practical help would be to create a charity in England to channel funds to poor communities. So Friends of the Poor in South India became a registered charity in November 2008. Other Trustees came on board offering banking, accountancy, inter-cultural, legal and IT skills. Collecting donations from friends and concerned groups the funds were invested in low technology projects designed to provide the means for a community to lift themselves out of the centuries-old impoverished agricultural captivity. To identify the right projects, the Friends decided to work through trusted local organisations in the region. The focus would be to direct the funds to low technology projects whose uncomplicated impact would provide immediate benefit to the recipients. Over the years, donations large and small have done wonders.


Registered in England : Charity Number 1126907

friends of the poor in south india : for more information please contact Chris Brown :- admin@fpsi.org.uk


friends of the poor in south india