Plantation - New Project








On 12th June 2017 the final stage in a very long process was accomplished! Our little charity has raised enough money for our colleagues in India to purchase and register a new Coconut Plantation. It will act as a source of employment, a centre for training, and a sustainable income generator to support many key projects in South India.


We wanted to create an ever more sustainable foundation for all the projects by providing a local source of secure income for our Indian partners and a Centre from which they could operate. The Plantation is in a lovely spot, only 6 km from our centre in Dindigul and 2km from the home of our key project director, Mr Jesuran Smith Stanley. The Plantation at Kuvunathu Village has fertile soil and a productive well, although an additional water bore-hole must be dug. Many trees are already producing coconuts, and while we wait the 4 years for our newly planted trees to mature, seasonal crops of rice, tomatoes and peanuts will generate a lively income straight away. Our Indian project partners are introducing livestock and chickens onto the site and there is room too for our educational training programmes – and some additional, adjacent plantation land can be purchased once additional funds can be raised. But the best news of all is that as the Plantation becomes profitable it will generate funds to help support and expand all their project work, which has already proved its worth.


We already have a fine track record of supporting a vast array of very successful projects in the rural villages of South India, reaching out now to more than 3.000 large marginalised families. We have sponsored many ‘micro-credit’ projects, run by our Indian partners. These projects enable the poorest people imaginable to be trained and equipped so that they are now self-sufficient, feeding their families and even repaying their micro-credit loans that helped put them on their feet. This repayment enables the projects to re-use the re-payed loan to help other families. And all this is only made possible by the generosity of our donors.


We began our Plantation fund-raising with a donation by Emma, a young child who gave her pocket-money savings, which prompted one of our Trustees to donate his pension for that year. That challenge prompted other donors so that small groups ran fund-raising events, others knitted toys for sale – and even now smaller gifts of money are arriving to help purchase young mango and coconut trees, chickens, seed, fertilizer, gardening tools, and the like. This will help to put the Plantation into full production.


We really are overjoyed to be able to thank donors for your generous support of all our many projects which undoubtedly bring hope, employment and a sustainable future to many of the poorest families of southern India. Thank you!