Rural Institute for Community Health (RICH)


Rural Institute for Community Health (RICH)


We have sponsored a number of programmes which are run by the Rural Institute for Community Health - known as 'RICH'. Cow rearing has been a great success and you can read about it elsewhere on our website. We have also helped them to build large weaving machines in the homes of those who have before been weaving for companies that pay only insubstantial wages. Once the weaver has earned enough they pay us back for the Loom and RICH then uses that money to build a new loom in the next weaver's home. This is a typical example of 'micro-credit' working well.


We have also sponsored RICH for its goat rearing project and more recently helped them to purchase land on which they are now planting and growing coconut trees and other crops, allowing local poor villagers to earn a proper wage and learn new skills. This is a very sustainable programme that helps pay for many of the other projects in surrounding areas. Finally, we are proud to see so much good educational work being undertaken by RICH for those children who have fallen behind with their reading and number work because of their deprived circumstances.










Registered in England : Charity Number 1126907

friends of the poor in south india : for more information please contact Chris Brown :-


friends of the poor in south india