Our Partners in India

Registered in England : Charity Number 1126907

friends of the poor in south india : for more information please contact Chris Brown :- admin@fpsi.org.uk


Deciding on Partners and Projects


From the outset, the Friends decided to provide help to the very poorest in society by providing the funding to give a basic education, essential tools and equipment to help increase the value of what they can produce. These include simple, low technology tools such as rope making machines, sewing machines, small fishing boats and nets.


In an early trip to the region the Friends were fortunate to be introduced to a number of rural development organisations who run micro-credit schemes in Tamil Nadu. These organisations specifically target the oppressed communities, especially marginal farmers, women and children belonging to Dalit families. We now have three trusted local charity organisations through which we channel our funds.We are in frequent contact with them, we visit regularly, and they help us to monitor the progress and efficacy of the investments we make.


friends of the poor in south india