friends of the poor in south india

Helping to bring dignity, training, work -  and a future to the very poor.


*  From here in the UK we sponsor proven projects in India, going to see

   them regularly at our own expense, guaranteeing that every penny we raise

   goes to the poor and no one else!


* We sponsor training for adults, education for their kids, and set up  sustainable 

   employment so families end up standing on their own feet.


* We're a UK registered charity working only with close friends in India that we

   know and trust.


* We help the poor to help themselves.

Emergency Covid-19 Campaign – Bikes for women workers

At this moment our shared endeavour is threatened by twin pandemics: the spread of Covid-19 and the escalation of violence against women and girls. Women are the focus of our work as well as the majority of employees in our Indian partners: teachers, outreach workers, instructors. We must ensure their safety and sustain our support in the coming years.  

There are no administrative costs to this appeal: 100% of funding goes on the listed items. If a surplus is raised, this will go towards the current Indian programmes. Please put 'bikes' in your reference when donating to this appeal.


Our ask

The violence and health risks of rural bus travel have become too great for female staff. We are fundraising for six second-hand mopeds in good condition for the 15 female staff to:

  • Ensure teachers get home safely after evening classes
  • Reach cut-off villages to deliver emergency food and sanitary protection
  • Continue to access rural communities to assess the needs of women and children, promote our current programmes and develop new initiatives

As access to our programmes changes during Covid, taking programmes and support direct to the villages will become a bigger part of what we do. Because we are buying nearly-new mopeds they’re expected to last in good condition for 9-10 years.

  • £10 fuels a moped for a month
  • £15 buys and delivers a 25kg bag of rice
  • £40 buys a moped insurance for a year
  • £120 fuels a moped for a year
  • £600 buys a second-hand moped in good condition