Covid-19 activities

Education programme

Government schools have been closed indefinitely. An obvious disruption of education this has also caused a serious and frightening spike in the serious assult of children.

In response our Indian partner organisation has developed an outreach programme of basic counselling and sexual education, helping children understand their rights and how to help keep themselves safe. This has been supplemented by leaflets distributed to children in the region.

Every Saturday the teachers develop worksheets for the week ahead and distribute these to the ten local Education Centres. Children who usually attend the evening classes now attend the Centres on Monday morning in socially-distanced groups of five to collect notebooks and ask questions, returning the completed worksheets on Friday evening for marking.

At all collection points our Indian partner is distributing masks, sanitizers, soaps and snacks for the children.

Rice distribution

Across 9 villages our partners have been distributing rice to 57 destitute families each month. The families are all single-parent families with more than 3 children and no other food source beyond the Government rice ration. Each family receives 7kg of rice a month (400kg in total).

Sanitary products

These are being provided monthly to 64 teenagers and 48 women who otherwise have to use old rags. Sanitary products are collected from the 10 education centres, or distributed direct to women and girls who live in inaccessible villages with no transport routes.

New activities

Through our network of graduate tailors we have funded the manufacture and distribution of 1,000 masks to villages across Dindigul, Natham and Kariyapatti districts of Tamil Nadu.

Our activities during Covid-19